If it has nothing to do with you, then I tell you that Japan will continue to discharge for 30 years and will continue to increase the concentration of radioactive substances in seawater. In the future, all living things from the ocean will carry high-concentration nuclear radiation, and nuclear pollution on land will gradually increase through the atmosphere. You will greatly increase the probability of cancer, and all these are done quietly in nuclear pollution. All national cities with oceans will be threatened by nuclear polluted water within three years.
It means you can’t catch sea creatures, which means you can’t touch the sea water. Means that marine life will mutate. It means that mankind will lose the sea forever.

On the other hand, Japan has other ways to treat nuclear polluted water, but the treatment cost is higher. However, Japan still discharges the sea and gives it to the media with 70 billion yen. The water that beautifies nuclear pollution is discharged into the sea without pollution and treated. 70 billion yen is much higher than the cost of other treatment methods.
This disgusting behavior of Japan is to transfer the disaster to mankind all over the world! ! !
Japan is still a country that brought danger to the whole world during World War II!
We hope that all mankind in the world will unite and stop Japan from continuing to discharge nuclear polluted water into the ocean! ! !

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