The size of the picture greatly affects the loading speed of the website. This paper introduces a free online tool for batch compression of pictures. All processing is performed locally. No data will be uploaded to the server.


After opening, you can choose the language you are familiar with in the upper right corner.

On the menu bar on the left, you can choose the export format according to your needs, and next to it is how much compression you want.


There are two ways to choose to download, one is zip format, which compresses files into a zip format, which is suitable for less than 1000 pictures. The other is downloading one by one, which is suitable for a small number of pictures.

Choose pictures in batches, after you set up the functions you need. We can choose pictures in two ways, one is dragging in, and the other is clicking to select. After that, it will be processed automatically. We just need to wait patiently, and it is best to choose less than 1000 at a time, so that your browser will not crash when exporting.

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