1.It is the online version of swift pdf. The features are quite comprehensive, supporting various document conversions, such as conversion between pdf and word images.

Also has a very powerful pdf processing functions, such as merge split, delete add watermark.

And picture compression, audio and video conversion, OCR image recognition.

However, the free version, the file limit is 2M or less. But still enough, as a domestic site, the speed is also relatively fast.


Audition is a particularly professional audio processing software.

If you are in the film and television, media industry and have more professional audio requirements, it definitely meets your requirements.

Not only can you edit, but you can also add mixes, you can also add multiple tracks, and you can set up complex audio waveforms.

It also has an automatic music avoidance function so that it can have no effect on the original music and insert background music in the blank.

It also has the ability to set markers and then back them up locally so you can open them directly next time.

Of course there are more features than that, as it is too powerful to introduce them all.

Support Windows and Mac.


DropIt is a file processing tool.

Using it you can create your own configuration files and then batch process them, like changing file names, modifying suffixes, hitting zip unzip and modifying format suffixes.

It has a very handy dummy floating window, and then you can drag and drop to the hover window with one click to perform the operations in batch.

It can also batch upload files to FTP server, in short it is used to can help you batch organize files and manage files especially convenient and fast.

Windows version only


TinyTask is an automated recording tool.

First of all it is exceptionally small and easy to use. It’s only 36k in size and it runs right out of the box.

You just need to click record to record your mouse and keyboard actions.

First of all it doesn’t require you to know code, you just need to do it manually to record. Just click save and you can save it easily.

Also you can set the number of repetitions. And the saved steps can be saved directly as an exe file, so you can double click to open it next time, which is very convenient.

With this can help you reduce a lot of repetitive work.

Windows version only.


KeepPass is an open source password management tool software.

You can use it to manage passwords, key files. It uses 256-bit AES algorithm encryption and you can also set the number of passwords.

It uses database management and also supports import and export functions and is compatible with many password management software formats.

It also supports auto-fill forms for browsers.

Full platform support.


Acronis True Image is a particularly good software for data protection and image backup.

It can backup the image of your system directly, and of course it also supports one-click recovery, and the recovery speed is very fast, much faster than ghost.

It can also back up content indiscriminately, just like a cloud service. It also supports many file formats, NTFS, FAT, APFS are not a problem.

It can backup not only local hard drives, but also removable drives, network folders and Nas.

Data is encrypted with ase-256 encryption. There is also special AI protection against viruses.

Supports Windows, MAC, Android and iOS.


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