Copy all products from one Shopify store to another can be a bit tricky, as Shopify doesn’t provide a built-in feature for bulk copying products between stores. However,Today I present you a quick and absolutely safe tool. No need to install an app to your own store. Just provide yourself with the domain name of the shopify store where you want to copy the product.


First open the URL:

As it’s not free, you’ll need to get an account and password from here

Find the shopify store you need to crawl

To determine if this site is a shopify system, you can install this plugin using Google Chrome. It requires a login, just follow the process and you can use it for free. The e-commerce system column shows shopify, then this tool is supported.

We need to copy the URL, just the full domain name

Note that it must be in the format http://www.****.com

Login to the system and add the websites to be crawled

Click here to go to the product list

Click here for all products

Hold it for a second


Select a store and click search

You can choose to download the product or change the price of the product.



Download the csv file of the corresponding e-commerce system


Csv Import shopify or wix, BigCommerce, Opencart


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