Tencent Lemon Cleanup is a professional junk cleaning software.

After you install it and open it, it will automatically scan system junk, application junk and internet junk.

Especially for Mac’s solid state drive, its memory is very precious and can be easily filled up.

It not only cleans up general junk, but also deep scans large software. For example, development tools, PS retouching software.

It can also find large files, duplicate files, clean uninstall software, protect privacy and other functions with one click.

Because he is still in beta right now. You can use it with this invite code.

Mac only support.


PeaZip is exceptionally good decompression software.

It supports hundreds of formats, basically every file format on the market.

It also has its own special PEA compression format that can encrypt files.

It has a particularly handy feature that shows a list of historical encryptions.

And it is also open source and free software, so you can use it with confidence.

Both Windows and Linux versions are supported.


uTools is another good launcher.

It’s efficient and useful, use Alt + Space to call out and you can quickly launch the software. Of course it has more features than just that.

It can also translate, generate QR codes, compress images, etc.

All its functions are implemented with plugins. It has many more plugins, TODO function, intranet penetration.

It also integrates with Everything to make searching for files faster.

Win and Mac support.


When it comes to reading apps, WeChat Reading is kind of a latecomer, but it’s not at all behind other reading apps in terms of experience.

And it relies on WeChat, a powerful social app, which also shows its social attributes; you can share the books you buy to your friends for free, and it’s especially easy to share book reviews.

If you don’t know what books to read, you can see what your friends are reading, and you can also share reading tips with each other, and you can also check your friends’ reading rankings.

And its new version also has voice reading, and spell the length function with your friends.

It also recently launched a permanent membership where all books can be read and listened to.


Fabulous is a habit forming app, simply put, it guides us to make and implement a work and rest plan, such as getting up in the morning with a glass of water, sticking to breakfast and taking a nap every day, and after a while, you can develop good habits and be in good shape every day.

The first task to start the day is to drink a glass of water in the morning, and it’s all carefully crafted in the background, you one can divide the day into three phases: morning, midday and evening, adding different things at different times of the day respectively.

And there are a lot of habits you can make, you can set up a workout routine and the app reminds you and tells you simple moves and plays sporty music. You can also set naps and it will also play music that helps you sleep.

Supports Android and iOS versions.


Concept Board is a particularly powerful design drawing board tool.

It supports unlimited layers, unlimited undo, and a super large canvas that allows you to create as you wish.

Lines, spheres, squares and various three-dimensional shapes can be easily added.

Also it can edit vector images, you can easily modify colors, scale smoothness and more.

You can also dynamically set the color palette, and there are so many brushes that you will never have to use them all.

Its free features are somewhat limited, and many of them require a paid purchase to use

It also only supports exporting images to PDF, or sharing to AutoCAD and Adobe.

Supports Android and iOS.

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