1.BluePlayCloud is a very niche web tool.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t interfere with download speeds, so you can download at high speeds.

There is no limit to the storage space, but the maximum file size is 100M and only most document formats are supported. For example, office, web, book and music software formats.

It is also optimised specifically for mobile, Unicom and Telecom to make downloads even faster.

It is a good choice to use it as a personal backup drive or to load some personal documents.

It seems to be available only in web version.


Image Helper is a browser plugin that allows you to download images from websites in bulk.

Of course it has various optional configurations and parameters, you can set it to filter images of a specified size, for example, specify 1920*1080 and you can filter out some blurry and small icons.

It also has various shortcuts to use, such as quick filtering and quick browsing of large images.

The filtered images of the results can also be downloaded with one click, supporting Chrome, Firefox and various domestic browsers


WikiHow is a Wiki-based community that focuses on teaching you “how to”, and it also supports the CC protocol.

It complements eHow, and it also has a lot of novelty content on it that teaches you more about how to release stress, how to exercise, lose weight, etc.

You can also use RSS to subscribe and there are no ads. Of course you can also get involved and choose to translate or be original.

It supports dozens of languages and of course there are plenty of Chinese resources on it


Office Converter is an online file conversion site.

You see it may be just an office file converter, then you may be confused.

It is not only PDF, Word, Excel, PPT conversion, but also video, eBook, music, image, compression and other formats conversion.

And it supports hundreds of formats, so it can meet the needs of the public!


uTools is another good launcher.

It’s efficient and useful, use Alt + Space to call out and you can quickly launch the software. Of course it has more features than just that.

It can also translate, generate QR codes, compress images, etc.

All of its features are implemented with plugins. It has many more plugins, TODO function, intranet penetration.

It also integrates with Everything to make searching for files faster.

Win and Mac support.


Eagle is an image management tool built specifically for designers. And of course, it’s more than enough for the average person to use.

You use it to collect, organize, and search for images.

It also has a browser plugin that lets you quickly bookmark images from the web. Of course you can also save images by taking screenshots, dragging and dropping, and saving them from the clipboard. Also you can add tags and descriptions to the images.

It also has a smart folder feature, which will automatically help you save images by name, tag, and color.

It also supports a variety of formats vector images and other major software formats.

You can also easily save pictures to cloud servers.


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