1.Rewind is a great third party music client.

It has a black and white interface and is very simple and functional.

With support for both NetEase Cloud and QQ Music, it removes the fancy features of the original music app and retains the basic functionality.

After logging in to your account, it will show you a list of your favourites, as well as music from your cloud drive, and it also supports a search function.

However, it only supports listening to songs, and you need to open a third-party client to play or download videos.

Because its input box requires you to enter your account password, there may be security risks.

Only available for Android.


Puzzle Clock is a particularly good clock App.

With over a dozen beautiful round dials and digital display dials, it is probably the nicest clock app available.

It certainly has a lot of widgets to choose from to display, although some of the bands need to be purchased for a fee.

Only available for iOS and Mac.


Hover Menu is a shortcut button assist app.

Before using it, however, you need to add assistive and hover function permissions in the settings.

Using it you can perform various actions without the need for physical keys. You can easily perform the back button, go to the home page and open recent tasks.

It also allows you to swipe left to return to the previous page on all pages of all apps.

It can also simulate a variety of operations, such as many functions in the system settings, turning on the internet, adjusting music, restarting and switching off the phone, etc.

It also adds the function of Alipay/WeChat swipe and payment collection, which is particularly useful.

Only available for Android.


NOMO is a Jigsaw puzzle camera app.

It has an extremely simple main interface, like a camera, and you can choose between a white or black theme.

Just take a shot and it will automatically process it, curves, sharpening, light, etc., just like film.

It also has a double exposure button, which, when turned on, will tell two photos to be combined into one.

It’s a very eye-catching camera app and worth a try.

Android and iOS support.


BFT is a tomato work method app and it also comes with white noise to make you more focused.

All you need to do is snap your phone on the table and it starts automatically and flips to stop automatically.

You can also choose the interval and break time and there are three options for white noise.

The black and white style of the interface is simple and doesn’t disturb you too much.

Only available for iOS.


Mori Handbook is a particularly useful diary for keeping track of your life, so you can separate various aspects of your life in different books.

There are many templates to choose from when editing your diary, although there are few free ones. You can switch between backgrounds to add stickers, add text and add images. It also has the ability to add fonts, although many of them are paid for.

It has something like a circle of friends, where you can see more handbooks.

It also has a very sweet feature that you can print off your handbook.


Little Sleep is a professional sleep aid app.

It has dozens of white noises for you to choose from, depending on the scene, whether you are working, studying or sleeping, it will keep you focused.

It also allows you to play several different music tracks, customise the music size, timings and more.

It is also available in a small app version.


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