1.CCleaner is a computer cleaning tool.

Although there are many computer cleaning tools for Windows, what with 360 and Baidu, I am not recommending you to install it.

It can help you clean up the clutter on your computer, it can also help you clean up your registry and make your computer faster.

It also protects your computer from viruses and makes your computer safer.

It also makes your boot up faster and closes out unimportant software that starts by default.

It is also available for Android.

It is also available in a professional version with real-time monitoring, regular cleaning and automatic updates.

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2.Snow Leopard Quick Clean is a particularly useful file management and file cleaning software.

You can use it to quickly find file junk, such as software cache, clean residues such as files, advertising junk and various other file packages. It detects more than 20 gigabytes of junk on your phone at once.

It also has a quick file search function, which is particularly useful for finding the files you want in a flash. It also has Super Search, which searches for specific file types, extensions and more.

It also has a lot of toolboxes, such as image manager images, view similar images and so on. And the software is all free and only available for Android.


Alook is a great browser app.

It was recommended by many people and even made it to the top of the iOS list.

It is also a clear stream without the wandering push, and can also block ads, but the size of 20 to 30M, start fast.

It supports fast and slow playback of audio and video, and can also play in the background/small window, which is awesome.

There’s also a reading mode, file management, and unzipping and compressing is easy.

Anyway, having said all that, it’s not finished with its features, because there are so many that it’s worth experiencing for yourself.

Both Android and iOS support


Inpaint is a specialised watermark removal software.

You can remove watermarks, blemishes as much as you like, and you can also select the areas to remove (passerby, people) and automatically erase them after processing, automatically repairing them automatically according to the surrounding areas to look as if they were real.

So it’s not just a watermark removal tool, it’s also a keying tool, you don’t need to know PS to key in images.

Simple and easy to use, supports Windows and Mac.


Universal Command is a particularly powerful command scripting tool.

It works with your computer browser, just add the command to your bookmarks bar, then you type in the detailed URL at random and click on it and it will recognize the tool you are currently using for the site.

For example, if you open the B site, it has a tool for downloading videos, and a range of other tools.

Of course it also has tools for generating QR codes, converting files, translating web pages and many other tools.

You can also search for tools you can use by typing in the URL. For example, search jd, which can search for shopping sites, and a price comparison tool.

The computer version is very useful and recommended for everyone.

There seems to be a mobile version, but it may have compatibility issues and is not recommended for everyone. If you are interested, you can figure it out for yourself.


It’s a powerful and comprehensive download tool.

It is a powerful and comprehensive tool for downloading images and videos, such as microblogs, bleeps, redbook, knowhow and more.

It’s only 3M in size, so it’s very small.

All you have to do is copy the link and click on it to download it, which is very fast.

It is also possible to modify the theme. Some advanced features are available only if you unlock VIP.

Only available for Android.


Word2Art is a particularly cool tool for making word clouds.

It contains hundreds of templates with all kinds of cool emojis and human body types.

All you have to do is type in your text and a cool word cloud is instantly created.

It also has many fonts and cool colours for you to choose from. You can modify the slant of the font as much as you like.

It can be saved directly as an image and can also be accessed remotely via a QR code.

Android, iOS and web versions are supported.


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