Our tutorial today is how to translate subtitles, including subtitles in all languages. Only one browser is needed to handle it.

This is a free online tool

If you need a way to generate subtitles for your videos you can learn it here

How to save subtitles generated by capcut as SRT files

1.Open this page.Please use Google Chrome

subtitle translation

2.Click on “load subtitle”

Only “.srt” format subtitles are supported

3.Click on the “↓↓↓↓” symbol

All subtitles will be loaded

4.Click on the “right mouse button”. Find the one-click translation

A translated symbol will be displayed to the right of the URL, click on “⋮”

Select the first button “Choose another language”.Just find the language you want to translate into.

5.If the language displayed is not the same as your usual language

Then click on “⋮”
Select not “…. Language”

6.Export subtitles, available in three formats, .vtt, .srt, .ass


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