Behance is a community of design-based material websites. You can find a lot of inspirational content on it. The images on it are highly design-inspired.

You can also view previews and details of the images, as well as bookmark them to your favorites.

It has a lot of designer and photographer’s work on it, and you can also check out his homepage. Further view his work.


PeaZip is exceptionally good decompression software.

It supports hundreds of formats, basically every file format on the market.

It also has its own special PEA compression format that can encrypt files.

It has a particularly handy feature that shows a list of historical encryptions.

And it is also open source and free software, so you can use it with confidence.

Both Windows and Linux versions are supported.



Even Books is a very comprehensive book search site.

You can search for books by title, author and synopsis.

Its books are available for download via Baidu.com (you need to log in to get the extraction code) and are guaranteed not to expire.

And it also provides multiple formats, such as the common Epub, Mobi, Pdf formats.

It also has a lot of book list recommendations on it, such as Sanlian bookstore recommendations, Oracle series, etc.


KeepPass is an open source password management tool software.

You can use it to manage passwords, key files. It uses 256-bit AES algorithm encryption and you can also set the number of passwords.

It uses database management and also supports import and export functions and is compatible with many password management software formats.

It also supports auto-fill forms for browsers.

Full platform support.


Clip Cloud is a cross-platform clipboard syncing software. We all know that Apple Family Bucket already supports automatic clipboard syncing, and now Android supports it using QuickPaste.

You just need a simple copy, you can achieve computer to computer, phone to computer, computer to phone share clipboard with each other, especially convenient, especially like efficiency Jun often share things to everyone, use it really improve efficiency.

QuickPaste also specializes in TLS encrypted transfers, so your data won’t be easily intercepted by third parties.

The most important thing is that it supports not only Win, but also Mac, iPhone, Android.


Search Image Magic is an image search site.

But why do you call it a godsend? Because it searches images from multiple platforms on one site, and it also filters HD images that are commercially available for free.

And you can download them directly without logging in, without any kind of restrictions.

It also has the ability to create posters from images. There are many poster templates built in, and it supports many styles of long square horizontal images.

One website has two functions, which is especially convenient and good.



XnConvert is an image processing editing tool.

It supports batch image processing, more than 500 formats, and more than 80 feature options.

Use it to convert image formats, change the size of images. You can also distort and rotate, adjust brightness and saturation, add filters and more.

The operation is also very easy and convenient. More than 20 languages are supported.

Support Win, Mac and Linux.

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