1.Total Commander is a very powerful file explorer for Windows. Too powerful to describe in words.

And it has all sorts of hacks for veteran drivers to tinker with at their leisure.

It has two side-by-side windows in one, and you can perform as many operations as you want.

It has a very powerful search function where you can use wildcards to search.

It also has a quick preview of thumbnails and it has a batch rename tool.

You can also use it to access FTP servers.

It has powerful synchronization features, and it also has the ability to compare different content syncs that

Mac users who find the included Finder not useful can try to experience Commander One, similar to Total Commander.


Snagit is probably one of the best and most powerful screenshot apps out there.

It’s a great app for taking screenshots, but there are times when it’s a bit awkward, like swiping screenshots or recording videos, when a normal screenshot app is a bit overwhelming.

It also automatically changes the selected area based on the cursor, and there’s even keying, reselecting screenshots, showing screenshot history, and more.

Snagit supports both Win and Mac.


It’s surprising that Efficiency Junction didn’t know about this conscientious antivirus security software before.

Created in 11 years, has been very low profile, even many people do not know, but made a really conscientious software.

It has three main functions, virus detection, firewall, active defense. Clean, lightweight, and relatively powerful.

Also has a parental mode to control internet time, websites, software and more.

There are also great extensions, modify Hosts, file shredding and various other utilities, and the extensions are not bundled by default, so you can choose the ones you need to download.


Hatched Search Books is an ebook search engine.

It also has a very plain interface with no ads or pop-ups. It really is exceptionally conscientious.

It brings together resources from several web sites and ebook platforms, so it’s really big and comprehensive.

And it also supports filtering TXT, PDF, Mobi, Epub format files. It also shows resources from different websites.

By the way, it also has a night mode, which is very sweet. Besides Hatoma Search, there are also the following two models.

It has also recently gone live with audiobook search.


We all know that Everything is a particularly powerful search tool that gets a lot of attention and use as it can quickly search for files.

But every time you use it, you need to open the software, which is still a bit inconvenient. Today we recommend EverythingToolbar, a tool that combines Win10’s search box and Everything, using Win10’s search box, you can also use the quick search function of Everything, it is really a double kitchen ecstasy, is a very good middle joint tool.

It will have some document formats that are not searchable though, which is a bit of a shame.

The searchable executable can also be opened directly, which is particularly convenient.

Windows version only.


MindMaster is a free mind mapping tool. It may be free, but its features cannot be underestimated.

It supports rich styles with over 30 summary theme styles and an exclusive hand-drawn style.

It supports borders, annotations, note comments, labels, images, attachments, and won’t run out of the types you want to add.

There is also Gantt chart mode for easier management. It can also generate slideshows with one click, and presentations are easy. It is also compatible with many formats and can also export with one click.

Support Win, Mac, Linux.


FDM is a powerful download tool, and it is literally a free version of IDM.

After all, it is free software, but only slightly less powerful than IDM.

It supports FTP, HTTP(S), and BT downloads, and of course you can add proxies.

You can also schedule download tasks and also support multi-threaded downloads, and you can also view the progress of the multi-threads.

It also supports remote control of downloads and also supports breakpoint transfer function.

It also supports downloading from foreign video sites, supports browser plugins, automatically captures downloadable files, and right-click to download.

Both Win and Mac versions are supported. Also supports Chinese.

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