1.SwitchHosts is a Hosts switching tool. Due to system limitations, it needs to be run as an administrator.

It generates multiple Hosts tools by default, allowing you to switch between them with a single click. It also automatically backs up your hosts.

Of course, you can also add your own custom Hosts, and you can add remote Hosts.

Win, Mac and Linux support.


AnyDesk is a very small and useful remote desktop control software.

We all know that QQ has its own remote assistance, but it’s barely adequate, and AnyDesk is very impressive by its name.

It can also penetrate routers/firewalls.

It can also transfer sound, synchronise cutting functions, and cut not only text, but even files and folders can be copied and pasted, which is awesome.


X Browser is an Android browser that is fast and extreme.

It’s almost as simple as it can be, it’s also small, only 1024 k in size, but it’s just as powerful, it has offline web functionality.

It has no background processes residing in it and no extra permissions to monitor you.

It also has ad filtering and you can customize the filtering rules as you wish.

It also has a sniffing feature, which easily identifies images, audio and video inside web pages and downloads them with one click.

There is also an offline reading function, without ads.


Faststone is a powerful screenshot software for Win.

You can place its toolbar as many times as you like.

You can capture windows, grab controls, capture full screen and take screenshots of customised areas at any time.

It also supports scrolling screenshots, especially when you are capturing web pages.

It also comes with a powerful image editor and can take colour on the screen.

It can also record videos and save them as video files or gif files.


Universal Command is a particularly powerful command scripting tool.

It works with your computer browser, just add the command to your bookmarks bar, then you type in the detailed URL at random and click on it and it will recognize the tool you are currently using for the site.

For example, if you open the B site, it has a tool for downloading videos, and a range of other tools.

Of course it also has tools for generating QR codes, converting files, translating web pages and many other tools.

You can also search for tools you can use by typing in the URL. For example, search jd, which can search for shopping sites, and a price comparison tool.

The computer version is very useful and recommended for everyone.

There seems to be a mobile version, but it may have compatibility issues and is not recommended for everyone. If you are interested, you can figure it out for yourself.


Nuoword Notes is a special software for reading notes management.

You can use it to sync your reading notes from Kindle and WeChat reading.

All books added are placed on the bookshelf and you can also differentiate between books being read, you can also add tags to books and it can be viewed by author.

It can also export to Impressions, OneNote and various formats with one click. You can also generate images to share with one click.

It also supports cloud backup for Mac and Win.


Panda OCR is another particularly good OCR recognition tool.

Not only does it support text recognition, it also supports translation and also reading aloud, which is a powerful feature.

It also supports listening to your clipboard and automatically pops up a translation window.

It has a bit of a bad thing, which is that many of the features are connected to third-party interfaces, which you need to fill in yourself. For example, OCR recognition, that is, Baidu, Tencent, Youdao. Do not flinch when you see this, it is a simple registration function.


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