Merging two different subtitle files is the process of combining two separate subtitle files into one. This is often done when a movie or video has been released with multiple language options, and each language has its own subtitle file. By merging these files, viewers can switch between languages seamlessly while watching the video. The merging process involves editing the files to ensure they are synchronized with the video and that the timing and formatting are consistent. Once completed, the merged subtitle file can be used to provide subtitles in multiple languages for the same video.

Today I’ll introduce an online tool that can merge two srt subtitles

Tutorials for use:

1.Importing subtitles

Open the online subtitle merging tool:

Import the two srt subtitle files that need to be merged into the corresponding edit box, and if the subtitle text is displayed, it is correctly imported

2.Merge subtitles

Click the Merge button to generate the corresponding double subtitles

3.Save subtitles

Click on save subtitles to save the subtitles in srt format, you need to rename them

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